Hagens Berman Axeon is a UCI Continental cycling team based in the United States and run by Axel Merckx since its founding in 2009. The team exists to develop young (under-23) riders through to the very top of the sport. Over the last 11 years, Axel and his team have seen 28 of their riders graduate to World Tour teams. Axeon = Axel + NEON.

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Website Design


California, USA

We sponsor the world's best U23 cycling team.

Web design tech

Web design & technology

As part of our sponsorship, the NEON team created a new Axeon website which they continue to maintain, showcasing the team. This project included rider profiles, an in-depth race calendar, 3D mapping and an interactive 3D bike model.

Axel army

Axel's Army

Look across the World Tour rosters today and you'll see a number of Axeon Alumni competing at the highest level. With over 25 riders graduating to the World Tour over the history of the team, Axel already has a legacy of developing young riders, unmatched in the sport.



Raceworks is a 3D route visualizer built as part of the original Axeon website. It used GEOJSON data to display cycle routes and points of interest, also connecting to a user's Strava account to show their most recent rides. The tool was built using THREE.js and Mapbox.

Neon team