Forward3D was a data-driven global marketing agency, with over 300 analysts across 12 offices. The company was founded by NEON and became one of the largest privately owned digital agencies in the UK, before its acquisition by the Stagwell Group in 2017 and merger with PMX in 2019. Operating now as ForwardPMX, the group has built an enviable reputation for performance across all digital channels including paid search, organic search, display and social.

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London, UK

A global digital marketing agency.



Forward3D was originally founded as TrafficBroker by NEON's founder, Neil Hutchinson. With a reputation for high performing digital campaigns, the company expanded rapidly, winning blue chip accounts from many of the much larger, incumbent ad agencies. In 2010, the company was rebranded as Forward3D and in 2015, with a global footprint and continuing growth, the company was acquired by US-based Stagwell Group.


A focus on tech

From its early beginnings, Forward3D focused on using the latest technology, coupled with a team of talented engineers and marketers. Building in-house where appropriate and using best-in-class third-party products enabled Forward3D to outperform its competitors and drive huge value for its clients.



Forward3D was recognised as one of the country's best companies to work for on three separate occasions between 2011 and 2013. We're in no doubt that people are a company's most important asset. By investing heavily in our people, we were able to build an industry-leading culture and a high performing team.

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