Uswitch is currently one of the UK's largest and most successful online businesses, helping British consumers save on their household bills since its founding in 2000. The company was acquired by NEON in 2009 in to what was then Forward Internet Group and transformed over a number of years before a complete exit to Zoopla Property Group in 2017.

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London, UK

Transforming a powerful consumer champion.



Between its acquisition in 2009 and exit to Zoopla Property Group in 2017, the technology powering uSwitch was radically transformed. Significant investment in the engineering team helped turn the company from slow growth and losses into a highly successful, and fast growing brand.



As part of the transformation, was acquired and merged with the uSwitch brand, bringing significant marketing expertise in-house and an improved product for consumers wishing to switch their broadband and mobile phone deals. With a world class digital marketing team in place, we were able to bring the benefits of uSwitch to millions of UK consumers.



It's hard to quantify and often difficult to define, but the culture that developed at uSwitch played a critical role in its success. A diverse team of smart creatives were given autonomy and trusted to do what they do best in an inspiring office environment. The results are a testament to the value of that culture.